Cloud accounting software part 2

Two years ago I wrote about cloud software in the UK market. It’s now a lot more prevalent. A survey that was shared with me recently was 70% of business wanted cloud accounting but only 10% of practice accountants offer support.

There are new players operating in the UK market, Exact Business Software came to my attention earlier this year. They offer a CRM as integral part of the starter package. I think they are positioning themselves somewhere between the market leaders to SME and the ERP providers. Some of Exact’s advanced solutions I think could offer solutions if a trader is looking for a one stop shop rather than going down the app route. 

There are now apps for anything and everything, Receipt Bank are being very proactive in their marketing and interface with all the main players. It does take the hassle out of recording receipts and you no longer have to keep paper copies. 

Just concentrating on the main features for cloud accounting platforms the main new features include Auto Enrolment, though I have to say not all of them are that user friendly.  I like Brighpay as a solution but again my personal preference. The other new feature is mobile apps for the accounting platforms.  Word of warning make sure the software you choose is android friendly, not everyone has an Apple

  QuickFile Quickbooks Exact Kashflow Xero Sage 50 Professional FreeAgent Freshbooks
Sales Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sales order processing N Y Y Y Y Y N Y
Quotes Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Purchases Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Purchase order processing Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
Stock N Y N N Y Y N Y
Payroll N £1 Per employee PM N Y Y £4-20 PM Y N
VAT Returns Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Reporting Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Annual Accounts Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
Debtors reports Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Creditors reports Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Multi Currency Y Y Y only business package Y Y Y Y
Chart of accounts Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y


Auto Enrolment


Y N Only on business & payroll package Y Y Y N
Mobile App? N Y Y N Y Y Y Y

Pricing depends if the end user pays or the accountant. We generally include the price as part of the package.



Quickbooks Exact Kashflow Xero Sage 50 Professional FreeAgent Freshbooks

Free-£45 PA

£6-£25 PM £19-£29 PM £5-£15 PM £9-£25 PM £50 PM £19-£29 PM $9.95-$39.95 PM


£1.27-£297.29 PM Free Free Free


Practice Studio Free Free Have to login

Have to login

If you want to know more about cloud accounting solutions give us a call we provide support only for the main player in the UK. Not one solution fits all businesses.