We Offer A Range of M&A Support Services

When you look to take over or merge a business it can be a daunting. Here at OD Accountants, we have many years of experience which can help you navigate through the whole process.  
If you want to exit, or if the business isn’t performing we can also help you negotiate with bankers, creditors and staff. We’ll also help put together due diligence packs, business plans and forecasts to support you on your journey.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Plans
  • Handovers and Transfers
  • Funding
  • Tax Planning


  • Cash Management
  • Debt Management


“Niall is an excellent accountant. His turnaround time was impressive. He has remarkable patience and is very insightful. I’d highly recommend his services to anyone.” 
Carl Hughes, IT Hound

"Back in late 2012 was looking to purchase a running cash and carry business and needed an accountant or firm which had the relevant experience in this field and to guide me and my business partners step by step. Niall I personally found to be of great help and support during the time of purchase of the business, he done a lot of work with me and the partners, took a lot of personal time out to help and guide us through what was a very difficult transaction. His assistance and guidance was of great help in having a better understanding of the business we were purchasing and the financials. Now over 2 years into the business the business still uses Niall and his firm for our business account and all partners also use Niall for our personal self assessments.In both areas Niall and his team have been very helpful, give us very constructive feedback on how the business is doing etc, he will regularly check-in with us and ensures all accounting work is all kept up to date."

"Niall was instrumental in helping me understand all the dynamics of a company operation and is always extremely helpful, with a friendly, personal approach. I continue to benefit from Niall's invaluable expertise and availability, keeping abreast with all the latest accounting and financial aspects."

"I needed a VAT specialist to assist in expanding to European marketplace. Niall helped me register for VAT, and completes my quarterly VAT reports to keep us in compliance. Yes, we are well represented."