Are you fully utilising your Receipt Bank account?

Below are some of our favourite old and new Receipt Bank features:

Staff expenses:

Employees can upload receipts which’ll automatically be included in an expense report that is submitted for approval on your chosen date. Once approved, the report will import into QuickBooks or Xero, for more information click here.

Smart splitting expenses:

It is possible to allocate one receipt/purchase invoice to multiple expense/VAT codes. Click into the transaction in the inbox and scroll down to ‘Edit line items’, you can then allocate to as many codes as possible, i.e. travel, entertainment, etc, etc.

Bank Statement feature:

Tired of sending your accountant your bank statements?

Soon, a new feature will be available in Receipt Bank that will allow bank statements (CSV or PDF) to import automatically into Receipt Bank once made available from your bank.

Invoice fetch:

We can link Receipt Bank to multiple utility bill suppliers and many other suppliers through the use of invoice fetch. You simply need to login to the supplier (i.e. Amazon or PayPal) through Receipt Bank and all invoices will automatically import. There are over 2000 suppliers available, see the list here. Suppliers include BT, Dropbox, EE, GoDaddy, MailChimp and many more.

Here at ODA we relish the opportunity to continually find ways to automate the bookkeeping process, resulting in greater productivity and a reduction in human error!